What We Do

TBI offers a very Scientific Approach to the Teacher's Training Program. First we analyse the Teacher behaviour patterns in the academic institutions and we run a check on which type of development is required for each of the faculties. Based on this report we suggest improvement areas and designated courses to help overcome the weaker areas and ensure a holistic development of Faculty ensuring premium teaching delivery to the students.

As reports come in we see that there are several misconceptions that we have regarding the education pattern among the students. With the education world opening up and the fact that we have a healthy mixture of culturally diverse group of students, the teaching methodology needs to change and adopt to get the best out of students. Also recent studies have come up with solutions and teaching habits that ensure higher participation as well as retention of study materials through various techniques and methods. We at TBI ensure that the teachers are armed with all the right ammunitions to provide exemplary teaching sessions geared towards better student satisfaction and a gradual growth of student performance.