Teachers Training

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The Boston Initiative runs a KHDA-Endorsed, Teacher Training Programme (TT). As such, fulfills the KHDA requirements for instruction at a UAE Emirates Framework Level 6. The programme is 8 months long, including 5 months of instruction and 3 months of tailored support.. The program can also include a leader licensing support for UAE school heads/principals. For more information, contact [email protected].

TBI Teacher Training Programme Pathway

Development of teachers forms an essential element of development and improving student learning and student results. The primary role of teachers, despite popular belief, is not to teach but to inspire and motivate all students. The role of TBI is to introduce the latest teaching techniques and methodology to improve the effective learning of students at the root level.

Recent times have seen a revolution in the teaching style for teachers and also a paradigm shift in the evaluation process for teachers. A teacher's success is not only dependant on his / her teaching abilities but also on structured lesson plans, effective assessment framework for students, open communication channels with parents for holistic development of students. Sharing experience and best practices within the teacher community also add value to the whole process.

TBI in its Teacher's development programme primarily look towards improvement of Teachers in 5 primary areas for an overall development:

  • 1. Teaching Methodology.
  • 2. Teacher's Learning and Updating oneself.
  • 3. Regular Up-skilling.
  • 4. Student Assessment and Evaluation.
  • 5. Embracing and Implementing Digital Learning.