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Oman has a huge demand for International teacher as the majority of Omani schools teach English as a second language and the language is spoken widely in the Omani society. One of the key attractive features for employees in Oman is the absence of income tax. The salary ranges for the teachers are also very generous and cost of living is high compared to other regions. All these factors together provide conditions for high savings thereby making Oman a preferred destination.


Teaching salary in Oman typically ranges from $2200 to $3800 tax-free. The benefits include free accommodation, return flights, medical insurance and tuition fee (if applicable).

Life In Oman

Oman has a noticeable expat population consisting of mainly British, American, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand and South African citizens. The type of lifestyle one can expect depends on where one lives: Muscat, the capital, is the most developed with shopping malls, restaurants, bars, sports clubs and entertainment venues. Muscat is not far from some of the smaller towns and cities and one can find many Western shopping malls, bars and activities to engage in, should one feel homesick.

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