Teachers Recruitment in Middle East


The UAE has a variety of international schools which provide a great opportunity to all teachers aspiring to gain international experience. This vibrant region has IB, British, American and International Curriculum schools which serve students from local and expatriate community.

Teachers Recruitment in Dubai


Dubai is an UAE's largest city and it is also a thriving cosmopolitan city that draws people from all over the world. Teachers in Dubai can expect to earn lucrative salaries, competitive benefits packages, and enjoy a high standard of living in a world class city.

Teachers Recruitment in Abu Dhabi

Ras Al Khaimah

Ras Al Khaimah has been a prime centre of education in the UAE since ancient times

Teachers Recruitment in Dubai

Abu Dhabi

It is the financial hub of the UAE, and is the second largest city, after Dubai. Every year Abu Dhabi recruits thousands of teachers from overseas school. Being the financial hub and the capital of UAE the salary range is higher with greater benefits included.

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