FAQs: Teachers Recruiting

  • We are based in the UAE and have offices in USA, UK and India. Our presence in the region enables us to understand the requirements well and address the hiring demands efficiently.


    We are engaged in the complete recruitment cycle of the teachers and provide support post recruitment as well. Our engagement with the schools over the years has helped build healthy professional relationship with the top schools of the region. Our expertise in dealing with international schools and international teaching talents enables us to add value and right balance which fulfilling recruitment demands across the region.


     We bring international expertise and share healthy balance with schools across the region.


     Working consistently for many years we have developed a healthy professional relationship in the top schools in the region

  • Most of the schools start hiring in the month of January for the next academic year. We recommend that the candidates start applying from the month of October to be eligible for the best opportunities and any hiring drive for the next academic year.

  • NO!  The Boston Initiative does not charge teachers and other candidates any fees for any job placement. Unlike other agencies, we do not ask for or take any registration fee from teachers.

  • We specialize in teacher recruitment and any role within the education industry like Directors, Principals, HOD, counsellors, non-teaching/ administrative staff, etc.

  • Yes, one can apply to all the position he/she is eligible for and can select the best offer for themselves.

  • Schools in the gulf are open to hire married couple, they need to have a marriage certificate. It also depends on school policy some schools might not hire couples Together.


    Note- In Gulf countries you need to be married to live together.

  • The Boston Initiative has placed many Directors, HOD, Principals, etc. We specialize in recruiting for education industry across hierarchy and for all levels.

  • It's important to have a degree and all the certificates handy. If one has not received the documents yet they can still apply, but need to present, the documents during the offer stage.

    Note- Without credentials visa and offer process cannot take place.

  • Middle East is comprised of many nationalities and has great global/cultural mix. It's an advantage to know Arabic as it's the mother tongue, but English is used as a primary language hence Arabic is not a mandatory language.

  • There is a demand of Native English speakers as English is their first language. Middle East and Africa have English language based education system. Someone with excellent English and neutral accent as well as experience in IB, American or British core curriculum can definitely apply.

  • Teaching experience of 2 years is considered an adequate eligibility to apply. It’s not necessary to have international experience

  • Yes, spouse and children can accompany on valid sponsored visa, For more detailed information please contact immigration department of the specific country

  • You can apply on our website www.thebostoninitiative.com or email us your application alongside your resume at [email protected]

  • Visit our website www.thebostoninitiative.com/vacancy.php under documentation section.