The Boston Initiative

School Management

TBI is unique in the approach towards designing schools, keeping in mind comprehensive and holistic development of the student. TBI schools deliver a different energized learning environment it encompasses the following - curriculum, administration, school organization, scheduling, assessment, teachers training, parent-teacher connect, teacher-student connects, parent student connects, professional development, and more. TBI is firmly grounded on the core value of bringing forth kids with enough balance and maturity to handle any situation at their later stage of life.

Success-driven from A to Z
In the globalized world against the backdrop of new opportunities and challenges, quality and good prospect has become central to education. Schools being the entry point should be equipped to deliver it to fulfil the growing expectation of parents and students. It is exactly where TBI can collaborate with multi-tier support, expertise and program to achieve higher goals of a school..


TBI services provides a broad range of consulting options and engagements to help the schools -in-need with strategic goals, processes, culture and resources which are crucial to set them on the right path.

Faculty Orientation
TBI provides support to both the teachers and the teaching staff to engage the students in developing multidisciplinary knowledge and abilities, personal dispositions and international mindset in an exciting creative way. The program will enable the teachers to create learning that is engaging, helps students make meaning and prepares them to think critically.

Institutional Turnaround
TBI is quintessentially focused on institutional empowerment for sustainable growth and for achieving their vision. That's why the team of TBI consultants chalks out a roadmap to help the partner institutions not only navigate change, but turn it into an engine for growth, achieve greater transparency, and drive greater efficiencies than ever before. There is more when you engage with our team of strategic consultants, you get far more than a blueprint for success, you get step-by-step involvement and collaboration tailored to fit your institution's unique needs and measurable return on your investment.


Restructuring through Professional Management at TBI has been researched and designed in such a way that you can expect the desired turnaround on a rock-solid foundation. The RTPM program aims to provide your institution with on site active leadership backed by structured, comprehensive resources and expertise in core state-of-the-art education technologies which are customized yet upgradable. The program will also we remove the impediments, ensure cost effectiveness, and optimize resource utilization for the best results to achieve. Here is the more know about the RTPM methodology