Welcome To The UAE

UAE - has a variety of international schools, and teachers wishing to teach abroad in the international school in this vibrant region might be overwhelmed with the selection available. Local, International, British and American schools which serve local children using an expatriate curriculum make up more than half of the international schools in this region



Dubai is UAE's largest city - home to over 2 million people from all over the world. Teachers in Dubai can expect to earn lucrative salaries, competitive benefits packages, and will enjoy living in a world class city. Dubai has become a thriving cosmopolitan city that draws people from around the world. View the latest teaching jobs below.


Teaching salary in Dubai typically ranges from $2500 to $4000 tax-free. The benefits include free accommodation, return flights, medical insurance and tuition fee (if applicable).

Life In Dubai

Moving to any new country is an exciting challenge. Dubai is what one makes of it. Despite its Islamic roots, entertainment and cultural attractions are developing. If expats are willing to put in some effort, there are plenty of things to do. As the expat population has grown, so has nightlife developed from a desultory few hotel bars to a varied selection of live music venues, bars and clubs.

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